love what you love


love what you love

keep doing what you love is sometime quite difficult. because we have to live the life. Eat ,sleep, study,work,take care your child or parents or pets etc…we have a lot of things to live.

Some time doing what you love ,is so uncomfortable. Keep doing that is not just fun. sometimes feel so hard for you. because around people live other life (off course ) and it make you the feeling of “is this right way? Am I right?”


I didn’t go to college

in japan ,most of people go to college (or school for something after graduat high school) but I can’t go there. Because I did dance and I went to abroad to learn. I chose that way of my life. But sometime I feel so confused. so many people,especially adults see the way where did you study. Go to college is popular thing in Japan so ,if I say “I didn’t go”then so many people like “oh…ok” you know what I mean? I feel so sad for that.

The problem is I am not  proud of myself

but i do know that problem is “I am not proud of myself “ I think I have to proud of what I did,what I chose but still I feel “I am not great person because I didn’t go to school after the high school graduat”

Love dance love myslef


i really love dancing and I wanna be the person who i wanna be. When I become that ,i can say “i am proud of myself. However I don’t have any goal  yet but I will keep going and I know I can find my way near future.


Belive your self and don’t give up.

If you keep doing what you love,some way open to you.



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