Naomi Osaka is Japanese or Not.


Naomi Osaka is Japanese or not.


I think you know the news of tennis player Naomi got a big title in US. That is really happy news but that thing made some issues.


One of that ,”what is JAPANESE?”

At first ,actually  Naomi is Japanese. And around people can’t decide her nationality. I know that. However there are some options and I think we should talk about that and make change different.

Japan has a history

So many people imagine about “Japanese “is “have just Japanese blood “ “speak Japanese well “ .because Japan is island and had a history of close the country. So Japan hadn’t abroad people a lot for a long time.

What is decide own Nationality

But now,Japan has so many people from abroad or have culture from other countries. At same time , some of  these people have Japanese passport. It is mean Japanese in a law. so why so many people decide what nationality by their looks like .

I think if you think “I am Japanese”you are japanese. I don’t care if you have other countries blood and have Japanese passport or not. And it is not change anything who you are.


Naomi Osaka made great issues.

I don’t know how she felt about this issue . If we made her sad ,I am so sorry for that.

But i am so proud of her because she did great challenge and keep fighting. It’s not because of which nationality she has.


We should think about this issue and make Chang your is big. So don’t decide what looks like ,or which language speaks. See the people’s inside.





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